How To Style A Vignette or Tiered Tray

How To Style A Vignette

5 Tips to Styling a Simple Vignette

Tip 1: Gather and Work In Layers: Start with gathering items you want to display beginning with a tray, basket, placemat, dough bowl, cake stand, or old drawer. You first layer should serve as the anchor using this to ground the collection you have gathered and pull everything together.

Tip 2: Include Items of Varying Heights: This brings depth to your collection and improves visual interest. Go to items I love include are stacks of books, candlesticks with or without candles, greenery, (faux or real plants in pots) and flowers (silk or real). Look for seasonal items that have varying heights, for instance, an angel, miniature Christmas tree or seasonally themed items.

Tip 3: Incorporate A Theme/Focal Point: You do note need to over think this; You can use specific holiday decor items, everyday decor, or build it around a specific room where you wish to display the vignette a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or porch.

For example in a Kitchen you can start with a sugar bowl, salt and pepper shakers, colander, coffee cups or measuring cups. In a Bathroom group together pretty soaps (I like to save my hotel soaps from my travels as they usually are very decorative and add visual interest), washcloths in a bundle, and relation candles. In a Living Room you can use a decorative box to house remotes, coffee table books stacked, plants, coasters, etc. allow your creativity to flow and make it uniquely you. Do be afraid to edit as you go, adding and substracting until you get the right feel and look you want to achieve. If you get stuck try looking at Pinterest and Home Decor Photos for inspiration and a starting point.

Tip 4: Use a Variety of Textures and Color: I often use burlap covered books, galvanized metal, wood, plants, moss covered spheres, fresh cut or silk florals. Explore using scarves, or textured seasonal items and incorporate the use of textiles like yarn or fabric wrapped objects such as spheres, cones or seasonal home decor. Mix and match color combinations with your focal point and theme.

Tip 5: Use An Odd Number of Items: Use at least 3 to 5 items in your vignette, this is a design element often used as it gives interest and movement to your vignette. Work to form a triangle with the items you have selected using the above tips to layer, vary height, and add texture. You can have more than one triangle within a design and overlapping your triangle is commonly used in design.

Lastly, I recommend putting it together and letting it sit for 24 hours then take a fresh look and edit if needed. I find that viewing it throughout the day and evening allows you to see how environmental lighting (daylight and secondary lighting such as table lamps) effects your display and can help you determine if any additional adjustments are needed.

Creating and displaying vignettes throughout your home is fun and really adds warmth and interest in your home decor and can often serve as a conversation starter with guests. Changing them up seasonally helps keep your decor fresh and new throughout the year. If you found this article helpful, please let me know in the comments. If you have any questions or need additional help don’t hesitate to ask me. I would love to see your vignette and feel free to share a photo or two.

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