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How To Find Arts & Craft Shows/Fairs for Wreath Makers and Handmade Sellers

5 Ways To Find Craft Shows for Wreath Makers and Handmade Sellers

If you are planning to sell your wreaths and crafts at an art or craft show here are 5 Ways To Finding Local Craft Shows and Fairs for Wreath Makers and Handmade Sellers that will help you get started selling your handmade goods. This information is for both beginners and even the more seasoned craft show vendors. I highly recommend that you do your research first. Here are a some ideas that will help you get started in the right direction.

Social Media

With almost everyone using Social Media as a means to connect with customers, fellow crafters, and event organizers you can find a lot of information from announcements of local craft show events to calls for vendor participation in local community craft fairs through social media. Here are few ways social media can help you find local events.

Facebook Community Groups: Facebook is loaded with both Private and Public Groups for sharing information about Craft Shows, Festivals and Events whose purpose is to provide group members a means for finding information on local events. Use the Facebook Search Bar (generally located at the top of your computer, ipad, or iphone) Type in Craft Shows, Festivals, Markets and you should see a ton of listings for both Groups as well as surrounding Craft Event Announcements.

Ask Friends and Family: Write a post on your personal and or business page and ask if anyone has heard of any local craft shows or attended nearby events in the past. This is a great way to find “new potential craft shows”! And an excellent way to ask more about the event from an attendee’s perspective.

Search Facebook Events: Keep up with Events on Your Facebook Notifications. You can see where you may have been invited to participate or attend. If you scroll further down you can find additional listings and at the very bottom you can see where it’s categorized and find the ‘fine arts and crafts’ category plus a few more you may be interested in checking out.

Neighborhood Community Groups: Many Neighborhoods have formed their own Community Pages be sure to check to see if your neighborhood has one and join it! Even if the Community itself doesn’t host an event, often you will see your neighbors sharing information on local events.

Small Business Groups: Look to see if your area has a Local Chapter of Small Businesses. This is a great way to network with other small businesses and generally they have a broader network of community leadership connections that can point you in the right direction if you encounter problems or have struggles and need help resolving. These men and women are very supportive and may even mentor you. Often these Chapters have their own Facebook Groups you can join and network and learn and educate yourself on small business as a whole as well as learn of any sponsored events coming up.

Online Event Listing Websites:

Check out online Event Listing Websites: These sites list hundreds of craft fairs/shows across the United States. Here are few good ones you should check out. Note: Some may request a membership but usually will allow you to look through the listing without charge. I generally will find ones that peak my interest or seem be a good fit then leave that page and do a search for that site or event on my own via Facebook or Google. Most event listings have their own website or Facebook pages and you can gather the details from there without paying a membership fee. Again, my best advice is do your research thoroughly regarding any festival/craft show you decide to participate in. Here are a few Websites and Facebook Pages I have used to help me locate events.



Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages

National Craft Show Directory

Official Town/City, County, and State Websites

Another great resource is looking through your Town/City, County or State Official Calendar of Events. Here you can search for local events of all kinds. Don’t forget to look to see if your local Municipality or Chamber of Commerce has sponsored events or monthly craft markets open to local residents. Some will have a small fee involved and others may be free of charge and first come first serve but worth looking through to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Churches and Local Schools

Many local churches and schools sponsor or host craft fairs and festivals usually to raise money for a charitable cause. You can search for your local School District Calendar of Events and Contact Local Churches by phone or online on their websites to see if there are any listed on their calendars or events pages. If you attend church services don’t be afraid to ask your fellow parishioners if they attend or know of local craft shows.

Other Options for Finding Craft Fairs/Shows

Community Over Competition: I’m a true believer that ‘we rise by lifting others’ so Community Over Competition is definitely words I live by. One resource often overlooked is your immediate crafting community of handmade sellers. Whether you are attending an show as a vendor or as a guest talk to your fellow crafters/vendors especially during a show and get to know them. They are most often very willing to share their thoughts on the current show and most will suggest new venues again do your research to see if they are a good fit for you. Here’s where you will develop a community of sellers who all there supporting each other and be sure to return the favor when the opportunity arises.

Google: Google searches are a great resource to research, just google “Craft Fairs Near Me” and see what pops up in the search.

Craigslist & Newspapers: Search Craigslist for Events or Use Terms like Craft Fair or Vendors Wanted. You find a lot of monthly local markets to carry out a more detailed review of those listed, be sure to thoroughly investigate these listings. Look through your local newspapers as well some of the larger shows (if your ready for one) place ads and market the show.

Craft Stores and Bulletin Boards: Check out your local craft store bulletin boards. Often Event Organizers will post fliers in craft stores and at other surrounding locations. I once found a craft show announcement in a Bagel Shop. I happened to pass by the bulletin board on my way to the rest room and an craft show announcement was posted.

Be sure to book mark this page as I update it periodically when I find additional or updated information to share with you.

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Let me know if you found this post helpful and if you have any additional questions or struggles you may have, I would love to help you resolve them if possible.

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  • Amanda Clay

    Your post was super helpful! Ty so much for taking the time to write this. We just moved to Tucson from living in Navarre, Fl for around 15yrs. I have sold a few products and I do find marketplace helpful. I do wreath and swag making, some wedding flower arrangements and several other wedding items. I would love to go and be a vendor at a local craft fair! Thanks again for this informational post!

    Amanda Clay

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